what tank dimensions?


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howdy all,
i have a sunpod 36" 2 x 150w HQI 14k. i work at a LFS so i can choose what tank dimensions i want. if you had an option what would it be? i was thinking 36" x 20" x 20". that puts it at about 62 gallons and i have a 29g sump with octopus nw 200. what do you guys think?


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I'd go with an oceanic 58g reef ready. Or something along those lines... 36x20x20 isn't really a standard size, but 36x18.5x21 (58g) and 36x18x18 (50g) are.


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If you're stuck on the 36", go to 36x24x24. Its about 90g.

I find myself wishing all the time that my 58 was wider front ot back.


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Click on my red house and check out my 36L x 24W x 18H - I love the proportions. I'm running a single 250W but would probably be OK with 2 150W lamps.