what the heck is this. id please


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i saw this on my glass this morning. i scraped it out. what the???


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If they are in a spot that isn't to visible, or if you do not care, leave them for fish food next time :)


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they probably will, but the cerith snail is one of many snails that start out as a larval stage. in this stage, most the baby snails will be consumed by filter feeders, and fish. those that make it past that will most likely be skimmed out by the skimmer. if a few make it past the larval stage, theres still a high risk of being eaten by preditores in the tank. i have probably had 20+ strings of eggs laid in the tank, and i have seen one or two baby ceriths 1-2 mm big. i havent not seen them since i moved the tank. another problem baby snails run into is not many of our tanks have a food source for them, so they also often starve.


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Depends on what fish you have. My strombus grazers are quite prolific, but the ceriths have never succeeded.