what the #$%^%


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i come home to find both my blue max's bieng eaten from the bottom by my nass snails.they where fine 8 hours ago and nothing has changed.all perameters are perfect lighting is 2 175 watt mh.the tank is perfect what the hell is going on?????
Only thing I can thing of is that the clams died and the snails decided to eat them. I don't think the snails would have killed or eaten the clams alive!
I had some whelks in my tank a while back that I got rid of before aquiring any clams. They look very similar to nassarius sp.

Often times a clam can appear perfectly healthy on the outside but can actually be very sick. Your snails may have sensed that the clam was ready to die and started moving in for an expensive snack.
mayby there is fla. whelks ill have to go through alot of sand to find them.im thinking of moving the tank so it would be a good time..