What would be best for the live rock I have?


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I bought some live rock about 2 months ago from a lady that didn't want her tank anymore. I've had the rock in a filtered garbage can sense I bought it. The live rock is full of Bristleworms and aiptasia. Also the PO4 was high from her using well water for top off.

Theres alot of nice pieces but I don't want the little problems in my display tank.
I was thinking about drying the rock out to kill all the worms and aiptasia and use it as base rock.

Second Idea was to drop the salinity down to kill the stuff but I don't know if the bristleworms and aiptasia will be affected?

Whats all your thoughts on this?



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Get a few true Peppermint shrimp to eat all of the aiptaisa. IMO bristleworms aren't a bad thing unless they are getting too big.

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you could get some pepermints for aptasia and a six line or an arrow crab for the bristleworms. just a though


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You could catch the bristleworms and bring them to me!!!

Ok for this weekend only. I'm running a special on Bristleworms. All you can find you can keep (Free of charge). :)