What would you feed your fish w/o access to frozen foods?


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If you had access to a fresh market where you could buy fresh squid, fish, shrimp etc. as well as fresh vegetables, what would you buy? I will be feeding an assortment of tangs, angelfish, butterfly fish as well as clown triggers. I'm especially trying to fiugre out what veggies for the tangs, angels and butterfly fish.
I blend up,squid,octopus,scallops,cod,shrimp,mussels,
and some nori w/a few drops of zoe..I freeze it and then break it up into serving size chuncks.About $1.50 lasts 3 months.I think if I had tangs I'd also add carrots and fresh spinach.
You can also use fresh spinach and blanch it quickly (about 30 seconds to 1 minute) in boiling water. then put the spinach in a clip (like the plastic clips with a suction cup that you can attach to the side of your tank). Just make sure you dont leave the spinach in for more than ...say 3 hours or it could start to break down and foul the water. also, it sometimes takes a while to train the fish to eat this way but its really good for them and it lets them graze. still i would supplement any feeding schedule with some spirolina flake to make sure they are getting what they need.
oh yeah, and if its just a matter of not having access to frozen foods i'd reccomend sweetwater brand zooplankton. i don't think you should ever rely exclusively on non-marine produced veggies (like spinach) to give your fish everything they need in their diet. the more you mix it up, the happier, healthier and more colorful they will be IMO.
Romaine Lettuce has kept my tangs happy for years.

If you have access to the seafood markets -- Shrimp, Squid and Scallops blended into a puree works well for feeding.

I have tried Salmon but not had much success with it.

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