Whatcha think about this list

My tank 90 gallon reef. It has nothing in it now and will be cycled shortly. This is the list I've started of fish I'd like to have. Anyone see any glaring issues with it?

Goby pistol shrimp pair
Yellow tang
Powder tang
Red banded shrimp
Royal grandma
Carpenter flasher wrasse?
Sand hopper blenny? Good with goby?
Flame hawk fish
Naoke wrasse
My experience with chromis are: start with a dozen and you'll wind up with one. That said, I have heard, but not tried, using several pieces of pvc to give plenty of hiding spots.
I would not put two tangs in a 90 they will most likely fight especially powder blue which I find to be very aggressive tang.
Wrasses require the tank to be covered they also prefer a sand bed.

Most have issues keeping multiple chromis, I do not but I am the exception.

I do not recommend keeping your grandma in a fish tank.

Goby/pisol shrimp should be ok the problem is in a tank like that they will most likely take up residence in the back. That is just luck and happened to me.

Flame Hawks also like to eat shrimp so it may or not be a issue.
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