Whats a good 1000gph external pump?


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It can be 900 to 1100gph but has to be very quiet. Its for a closed loop system, external mount.

Poseidon, Velocity style. Check marinedepot.com

Mine is so quiet, you'd have to put your hand on it to make sure it's on.
I couldn't be happier with my velocit T4 pumps. Been using them fort 6+ years now & you will NOT find a quieter pump. It's even quieter then most internal pumps :)

The T4 flows I beleive 1220 gph at 0 head so it should meet your requirements

not sure if marinedepot sells them but champion does
Yep you will not beat the T4 for quiet with output, I use 1 for my closed loop and its great, lots of flow and you have to put your hand on it to know that it is running. I got my at marinedepot.com also...

Eheim's from the research I've done stand up really well. Few will say they've ever had a problem with them. They're quiet, energy efficient and underrated for GPH ratings. The 1262 is $30 cheaper than the velocity and while rated at 900gph it runs at 50hz so actually is running a higher volume. It also only consumes 80 watts as opposed to for example the t4 which is around 140 watts.

FWIW I ended up buying an Oceanrunner 3500 which is similar in construction to the Eheim and have been very happy with it thus far. (quiet/energy efficient/good flow/lowest price)