Whats Your Lighting Schedule?


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I am just trying to learn about lighting schedules so tell me yours.

Does anyone know of any articles about lighting schedueles in particular?

When do you run the moonlights?

any other info would be greatly appriciated.

I've tried just about every combo over the years, the best coral growth came from a 6 hr on/off cycle (two photo periods in a 24 hr time frame) but it seamed to stress the fish more. anything over 6 hrs but not more then 14 hrs has given me about the same results so it's best to determine what's best for YOU, what time of day are you and your family home to watch the fish? that is as good a schedule to set your tank around as any.

as for moonlights, mine stay on 24/7, they automatically adjust in intensity according to the phases of the moon and to tell the truth i see no benefit to having them other then it's nice to view the tank at night when they are in a phase thats intense enough to do so. i used to have them set on a timer opposite the lights, but the 24/7 works just as good and being LEDs they have a lengthy enough life expectancy it's not necessary.
My old tank ran the halides for 8 hours (noon-8pm) and the VHO actinics for 12 (10am-10pm). The moon light on mine was one from 10pm-10am, but if you want to go all out you can get a controller to mimic the moon phases.

Just make sure all the lighting has been on for a while when you plan to most often view the tank. Even if that means the lights are on super early, or really late. It doesn't make sense to have a 8-12 hour photo period while you are at work and the lights off once you get home. :)
i run my MH for 9 hours. noon till 9:15

i have 2 MH lights over my 90gal.

MH1 noon-9pm
MH2 12:15pm-9:15pm

moonlights are on the rest of the time.
This is a good question.
I think it should be answered often, since people change lighting schedules often.

I am now running 4 t5s for 11 hours and 1 mh for 5 hours.

I would also like to know what other people are running.
Well I run my MH from 1:30 PM till 11:30PM right now I don't have my T5's setup but they will be here tommorow, so I think I will run my T5's for 11 hours and my MH for 8 hours. My moon light also is on and auto intensity to sim the moon mine are on a timer. they come on about 10 min after my lights go off. and they shut off about 30 min befor my light turn on.

spleify check ebay that is were I got mine. type in moonlight fish tanks or something like that you will find some. here is one here this is not the one I have nor am I recommending this one I know nothing about it. but take it from someone who spent $100 on a moon light I don't think it was worth it I don't see any better results. don't get me wrong it is nice to look at but I don't see better growth.


i got mine from TheLebos, i don't think they are in business any longer and their web URL sets off all sorts of alerts with several virus and physhing programs. www.thelebos.com at your own risk.