When i stop my skimmer it overflows.


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Ok when ever i feed i stop my pumps and here's is why. I also dose supplements of phytoplancton and other minerals because i have gorgonians, NPS and clams.

I have an external coast to coast overflow and if i don't stop the return flow and the powerheads i loose some of the food and supplements into the socks and skimmer and i see this as a lo$$$$$. plus eventually a nitrate problem.

Now when i stop all those i also stop my skimmer ; You have too, or it will overflow , their's noway .


So my problem is when ever i restart all the pumps and the whole system and then i restart the skimmer it will overflow no matter what, although i haven't touched anything and nothing has changed , not the water level, or any parameter in the short time, 15 min that the system was stopped.

Anybody has any explanation or advice on that or has similar experience?​