Where do you put the input and output of your GFO reactor?


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I just setup a brs dual reactor and currently put the the pump in the chamber with the DT downpipes and skimmer. The output i put in my center chamber which hold the return pump only....fed by the previously mentioned chamber and the fuge on the other side. Is there any conventional wisdom on where to locate the in or out of a reactor? Im running gfo and carbon btw.


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I don't think it really matters, but I have mine exiting into the return section of my sump. I run the effluent from my GFO and carbon reactor through a 200 micron mesh filter sock to catch any fines. This keeps them from throwing any into the tank proper.


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I would keep the return in the same section as the pump. That way if you're system return isn't running you don't run the risk of emptying whatever chamber the GFO/Carbon pump is in.