Where i can buy weld on #16 in Broward Miami area?


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can buy it from any of the plastic dealers in the industrial park area over by royal wholesale pet products whearhouse I have some if you just need a small amount pm me

give me just a min and will google the one i use


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E T plastic in broward, also Prospect plastic but they are usualy much higher in cost. E T usualy has the best prices as they are one of the largest distributors in the area.

E T Plastic
2830 NW 55th Court
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309
(800) 234-4525
(954) 735-8777
Dade (305) 940-2519
fax: (954) 735-8907


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I like prospect plastics, they have a ton of stuff in their showroom that'll get your creative juices flowing... Neat neon colored see-through plastics, get you wondering what the pseudochromis would look like through neon green plastic!