which clowns?


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i need a pair of clowns for my 26g bowfront BTA tank(will have skimmer and refugium), i was deciding between. staying away from percs.

orange skunk
true sebae
brown saddle
maroon (don't think tank is big enough for a pair though)


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My favorite clowns are probably chrysopterus but they are also the largest of the clown species. Skunks look really good in a nice crispa. I'd also consider a pair of nigripes (also skunk complex) in a ritteri.

The problem you're going to have is that your 26 is a little small for most anemones in the long run. You'll have to either decide to frag or trade in a couple years. I'd also recommend setting up a good sump to provide a bit of extra volume to keep the water more stable.


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Agreed, a 26 gallon is a little to small for any anemone at that. I like the Sebaes and the skunks but thats my opinion.