Which MH bulbs to use?


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Hello again!
I have a metal halide setup on my tank and it makes my tank look too yellow for my taste. I was wondering what bulbs you guys use to make you tank and clams look so good. Please let me know. Thanks!
BTW, I believe the bulb on my tank now is a 10K, but I'm not sure.
2-250w hamilton 10K, 1-175w AB, 110w 03 PC

Just thought I'd take the chance to post a couple of pics.
This is my new 110 up since march, we are pretty happy with the progress so far.

right side first
Ahhhh good eyes

Ahhhh good eyes

I needed to put that to keep my PJF from mounding sand over the two baby maximas. For some reason as soon as they went in they became his favotite target.
I have a small tank, only a 29 gallon. The MH setup I have on there right now is 175W. Thanks for all the responses and pics!