Which of these would you add first


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Currently have 1 picasso clown in our 14g. We’ll be adding a yellow clown goby and an orange firefish. Of the yellow clown goby and orange fire fish, does it matter which gets added first? I know ideally the clown would have gone in last, but I can’t change that now, so was going to move some things around in the tank immediately before adding the new fish. Thx.


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Neither is an aggressive fish, but the Clown Goby may have to be started on live foods to get it to eat. Therefore, I would add the Goby first to create less competition for food. You already know this, but your new fish should go in a QT tank. This is especially useful for fish that are difficult eaters. You can experiment with feeding it in an environment where the fish is alone. I would never add two fish to such a small tank. It might cause an ammonia spike.


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I dont really think it matters, clowns can be aggressive and will prob be aggressive to both or it wont be aggressive to either. My point is that it prob wont make a difference which order you put them in, I would venture to say it wont care. I wouldnt even sweat rescaping, they should be fine. GL.


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If the clown becomes aggressive, the orange firefish may become intimidated. They intimidate very easily.