Which Tank


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I am looking at 2 tanks. The Red Sea C-Max 250 or the Juwel Trigon 190. Any comments on both? Is the plug and play worth the extra money or would a Juwel conversion to marines be a better buy. I will be setting up as a reef tank with soft corals so I don't know if the 2 tubes in the Trigon would be enough light. Any comments welcome on these tank choices


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IMHO, I wouldn't get either one. Although a 6 bulb T5 light should allow you to keep anything you want, I'm not convinced that you can't put together a better system for a similar price if you do it yourself. If you want a plug and play system, it's probably as close as you'll get, but you may run in to limitations down the road due to the limits of some of the other equipment.

As for the Juwel, I am not a big fan of odd shaped tanks. Even their own website says it "gives the illusion of depth". You will find it difficult to aquascape (or at least I would). For basically the same overall footprint I would get a cube tank. It would be way easier to decorate and can easily be viewable from 3 sides.

At the end, however, it is your choice. If you really like one or the other, I say go for it! Anyway you do it it is a wonderful hobby. I learn more every day about my systems and the creatures in them. Enjoy!!!