Which two powerheads would you get in my situation?


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I'm about to setup my 150gal 4x2x30"tall tank any day now. I am planning to have about 2-3" of sand for appearance and mainly SPS (with a few LPS like Trach/Moon/Tongue(maybe).)

I currently have 3xSEIO820 in my 120 pointing towards middle/up for all 3.

I'd like to have 2 pumps in my 150 (so it doesn't look all cluttered) and still have disperesed enough flow for SPS. Any ideas? How could I set them up and which ones would I choose?

I'm planning to have two rock piles (1 left back corner, 1 right back corner) and maybe a small one in the middle w/ my sebae anemone.


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Only 2 in a 6' tank?

Perhaps a 6200.

I would seriously reconsider the Trachy - I had nothing but issues with mine in high flow. My maze brain, bubble, frogspawn, plate, etc etc all were fine - but the fleshy nature of my Trachy was never happy under the high flow [nor did well under 250w MH].


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Unfortunately Tunze are ridiculously expensive :( I don't know if I'll be able to get them. I would love to...

6200s would give me about 70x flow -- is this too much with sand?

I was thinking IF I had tunzes I'd get the 6100s+controller. 2x6100 = 40x flow

The tank is FOUR feet (4) long. 4x2x30"tall.

My trachy has been doing totally awesome under my 250MH with my light/medium flow. I'll see how it goes under high flow. It's one of my nicest corals so that's why I planned to keep it (though it did reel in my monti recently and totally owned in :()

ALSO:: How would you position just 2? pointing at each other on the back wall is fine?
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Are you runniing a closed loop? What are you doing for your return? This plays a role. I would go 2 6100's or 6200's. I wont even setup my larger tank until i have that stuff first.


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It's a predrilled perfecto tank with a single corner overflow.

It only has 2 holes (1 down and 1 back up) so I'm guessing it will be very little flow. I don't think it will have much effect on flow that's why I'm just asking now. I think it's 500gph per hour or something.