White fuzz on the bottom of a live rock (pictures)


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Not sure what this white fuzz is on the bottom of my live rock. Appears to be hairy/branchy maybe a sponge of some sort? Almost thought it was a white sea cucumber but it doesn't move. If it's a sponge, how should I get rid of it? Remove the rock and brush off? Use peroxide on the area? I read that sponges can be toxic. Thanks!
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Yep, its a sign of a healthy mature tank. I have them not toxic that i know of and i have my hands in the tank weekly. No reason to remove filter feeder.


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I've had all sorts of volunteer sponges in my live rock---red, blue---one of those became a beautiful network of veins running from rock to rock in full light; white, lots of those. Some want the light, some avoid it. I've never found one to harm anything.


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My vote is sponge also. While some sponges are filter feeders many cryptic sponges feed of the Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) in aquariums and are essential for a healthy reef. See Forest ROhwer's "Coral Reefs in the Microbial Seas" for an introduction on the roles of DOC and microbes in the health or decline of corals on reefs.