who runs 1 single pump to....


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on my 95gal i have a mag 9.5 which i have to throttle back quite a bit, so i been thinking about running both my phosban reactor and carbon reactor by basically putting a T then reducing down to a 1/2" barb fitting on there does anyone sle do this?


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I've got an over sized return pump as well for my 75g. I've been thinking about doing this. I figure you just need an extra ball valve before the barb to control the flow. I don't see why it wouldn't work and eliminate the need for an extra pump.


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yes it works fine if you build a return manifold..then ball/ gate valve the extra outlets...building a manifold will allow you to add more things..one for phosban, one for GAC, one for a denitrator, one to feed a fuge, one to feed a calcium reactor etc....oh yeah dont forget to put one back to your display tank too...


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I have my chiller, carbon, and phosban plumbed into my return pump via a manifold.

All of the red-handled valves in his picture are attached to various gadgets, and the rest of the water goes up and out to the display tank.



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I do the same thing on my 150. I have an oversized return that feeds directly to one of the returns, routes one return through my chiller, also feeds my in-line Frag Tank, a GAC reactor, a Phosban Reactor, and deNitrate Reactor. There is also a JG fitting for a Calc Reactor (that I'm not currently using)....so yeah...it works :)


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As others have said...it shouldnt be a problem at all. Just build up a manifold as shown in the pic above. Be sure to get some good ball valves. I used to have the red handle ones, but overtime have had to replace them all due to them seizing up.


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I have a 60g cube, a 30g sump and one Eheim 1262. One feed from the T connector goes ball valve, phos reactor, UV and back in sump. The other goes chiller and up to tank's spray bar. I didn't have to throttle back thou I can do it. 6 months in and no problems. Very stable so far.

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I run everything for my 150DT off a dart that goes to a manifold i got at www.flexpvc.com Sure, it kinda looks like it was plumbed by rube goldberg, but 1 pump (and another dart for CL) = fewer plugs = , IMO, less chance of stray voltage and (I think) lower energy consumption.


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my main circ pump, a tunze runs my phos/carbon and my denitrator feed pump. i just used a tap and die set to make threads in a pvc coupling, holds fine. i can valve off and isolate the pumps for service. the manifold up above is hoss, looks great, but i didnt have the real estate to do something like this, as its all below in sump.