Who uses "Randys" 2 part recipe?


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If you can find it, chances are that it may be the new formula which as elevated levels of some element that can be dangerous for long term usage. It would be better to not take a chance and buy the Ca supplement from bulkreefsupply.com


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Just ordered full starter kit from bulkreefsupply....My SPS load has increased and I couldnt keep up with kalk, turbo calc, mag and KH supplements...so I'm going to a daily 2 part.
I was looking on RC and always see info on Randys and was planning ahead to see if I could save $$ on product and/or shipping. But I also heard abou the "new mix" and was wondering what local thoughts were


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From the chemistry forum. The way I understand it.... if you do regular water changes you'll be fine with the new formula.

I still use Randy's 2 part. Read carefully and think ahead when mixing the chemicals. I've screwed it up a few times.

"1 gallon total volume"
The recipe is for making gallon of alk and calc. Not mixing 1 gallon of water with the ingredients.

If you screw this up like I did(a few times) you'll get more than a gallon of each, but more importantly they won't be balanced and you'll never be able to dose it in the proper ratio, your levels will go everywhere but where they are supposed to be.


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I used Randy's 2 part (actually 3 part with the Mg you need to add - don't forget that part or you will end up low in Mg) for a couple years. Easy to do, cheap, and worked well with a 2 channel dosing pump. One note is that you need to do water changes and watch the salinity because the 2 part will raise salinity and you aren't adding any of the other elements and trace elements.

I just recently switched to a Ca reactor because I was tired of mixing the 2 part every couple weeks, but the 2 part was working fine.

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the dow company now uses more bromide in their mix, but the jury is still out on what it will do long-term to a tank. Will it raise bromide? yes. what does that means? nobody knows. there havent been studies into depletion of bromide in tanks and possible effects yet.