why does my plate coral seem to be doing best under lunar lights?


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it seems to have survived the earlier episode (against most odds), but it's still rather odd. this is what it looks like under lunar lights:

<img src="http://www.kolosy.com/stuff/aquarium/IMG_0880.jpg">

when the MHs come on, or even just the T5s, it retracts the polyps, and looks very much like this (sans mucus)

<img src="http://www.kolosy.com/stuff/aquarium/IMG_0837.jpg">



Mine usually inflates, and extends its tentacles at night also. I dont think its unusual.


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They inflate at night and deflate during the day. When you see them in nature they look very much like the second photo. In the hobby, it's not unusual for them to "learn" to inflate during the day too due to the absence of predators.


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My guess is that it's learned that night time is when all your pods, etc. come out. You can train it to extend during the day if you start a daytime feeding routine.