Why would the Blueline T4 do this?


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I have the T4 model pump. Why does it have a hose barb connection rather than a threaded connection? I believe the T1-T3 have a threaded connection but the T4 has a hose barb?
Here is a picture of what I believe the T1-T3 look like...http://www.bluelineaquatics.com/products/water_pump/velocity.html

And here are a couple pictures of what I have to do since I have a hose barb...


And of course....IT FREAKING LEAKS! Why wouldn't they give me a damn threaded connection?
I think that just the way it is with those pumps. I've got an older version of that pump and it has hose barbs instead of a threaded connection.
Maybe the hose you are using is too stiff to seal around the barb?
I used some thin walled plastic hose from Home Depot to connect the pump connectin to a barbed to slip PVC fitting. It hasn't leaked in three years.
i have the T2 with the threaded fittings and love it (other than it draws more power than i would have guessed). only thing i can figure on the barbs is they had a big customer who required them in mind when they designed it.
Good call on the flex pipe I am using. It might be too stiff with the nylon threads in it. I went to Lowes tonight and got the thinner clear plastic stuff. I will change it out this weekend and see if that does the trick!
Thanks for the help!!