Will everything work out for my Squamosa?!?


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Hey guys,

I have ordered a medium Squamosa from LA about 2 weeks ago and everything was fine up until a couple nights ago.

I came down in the early morning to start work and shined a flashlight in my tank to see if everything was acting peacefully.

I noticed that the clam was open on top but the bottom portion of the mantle was folded in or eaten. I quickly picked it up to check for snails and saw one of my smaller emerald crabs was holding onto the scales not necessarily eating the mantle but I'm assuming just bothering the clam. I removed the crab and haven't found him back on the clam for a couple days. Another crab has been hanging out on my acropora frag that I just got. That occurs nightly and I remove him each night I see it happen. But don't see any damage done to the frag. My question is do you think that the clam is just annoyed and may take a few days, week to fully open? I haven't manipulated it in any way to open any further, just trying to wait it out. This is the first time out of the 4 clams that I have had since reefing they I've seen this happen.


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Does anyone still use this forum? I feel like it never took this long to get insight from other reefers.

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Huh, no answers? Anyways, the little guy will probably be fine, assuming he's calmed down and is receiving adequate lighting. Compared to everything my poor crocea clam's been through, this is nothing. My clam's been through bouts of inadequate lighting (resulting in zero new growth; he's growing now), repeatedly jumping off his perch (he must've jumped off over 40 times, despite caging him in with skewers), having his basal threads cut, dropping part of his foot, being filled with bristle worms (he refused to attach, so a bunch of bristle worms started living in his foot, and several actually crawled INSIDE of him which I had to dig out with forceps)...
I'd evict the crabs. Also, it looks like you may have dinos.

Thanks Michael,

I agree. I think it is Dinos too. I had a lot of hair algae that was taking over the tank so I dosed with some meds and have been cleaning up this mess for some time now. Finally getting it under control With frequent 20% water changes and Changing lights from MH to LEDs. The mantle still hasn't unfolded but the clam is responsive to food and light changes. Hasn't gotten better but hasn't gotten worse. So I am optimistic now.

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