witch light is better


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I can speak on the Sunpod which is a good fixture. My only complaint was the fan sounded like a turbo prop plane when it was running. Everything else was what should be expected when spending that kind of money for a light.


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I have a 20" Sunpod (( 250 watt )) and had the 30" one too (( again 250 watt )), and thought they were great. As for the fan, I wouldn't say it was that loud, but a bit louder then I thought it should have been. I just reversed it and wasn't as loud.

As for the Corallife fixture, I haven't used that one, but have used some of theirs in the past, wasn't a fan of them. Seem to be a bit cheaply made for the money.


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Here is a picture of a 20" SunPod over my 33 cube, I think it looks pretty good.

The fans come so that they blow in, but I flipped mine to blow out.