WTB: 2 Stage Temp Controller


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Hi Guys,
Funny, I just sold a temp controller. =P But I'm now looking for one that will control both a heater and a fan. My fan brings down the temp by 6 degrees (amazing huh? tons of topoff water though), but I only have it turn on with the timer of my halides. Now when the lights are off, the days are hotter (summer is coming), so I'd like to get a controller for these guys.

Anyone have one to sell?



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Can you simply go with two controllers? If it gets too hot have one turn the heaters off (or make sure they're off) and the other kicks the fan on.

Edit: n/m.. you said you just sold a controller, thought you got one sold to you (gack, interesting grammar)


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What size of halides are you running--I have a problem with my 150's but would like to find a way to upgrade to 250's