Yellow Coris Wrasse Leap of Faith

Well, after about 3 months of looking and acting perfectly happy I found my Yellow Coris Wrasse curled up in a dry husk on the floor yesterday morning. How is it that fish can be so stupid...oh well, he was cool while he lasted (and yes, my tank is topless and I knew the risk when I bought him).


In Memoriam
sorry to hear about your loss not to mention the money he probably was. Ive had a royal gramme who was most active fihs in my tank go missing couldnt find him then looked down to find him dried up at my feet.


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I had a flame hawk do the same last year.

I have a royal gramma and a yeloow coris right now in a tank that has the back half open. Thanks for reminding me, I need to go get some eggcrate!


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I had a LN Hawk take a leap also about a year ago. In my new tank I wanted a Bluespot Jawfish. So I got some 1/4" plexi and drilled like 1000 holes in it to let the tank breath. It's worked out very well. I thought the egg crate was ugly and cut too much light.