Yellow octopus?


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I bought some gulf view rock a few weeks back. Then about 2 days ago I am watching my goby and I see this yellow arm slowly move out of the rock cave. I thought it was some kind of worm at first but way to big, it had little tenticle all around the arm and grabbed a mysis shrimp and pulled it back into the cave. I haven't seen it since then but i am sure it's in there. At first I was thinking it might have been a star fish but there arms don't "stretch" like this one did, I didn't even consider it being a octopus but is it possible it had a yellow arm? thx for your help. If it is you can have it because I found a dead cleaner shrimp but the weird thing was only the shell was there, all the insides were taken out in less than 8 hours, hopefully that helps. thx
probably a britte/serpant starfish. the small ones will usually hide its main body inside rock/care and expose the arms for bits pieces of food. if thats his main rock, look for him to be out of it at night scavanging and during the day he'll hide there. its pretty cool actually, look lik a rock with arms! just my best guess .. but by the way u describe the shel being hollowed out it sound like the way an octo eats.. i have a Blue Ring that came on my LR and he's chillin in the tank so becareful to avoid touching the guy w/o positive identification. Blue Rings Octo's can kill! also, if ur other crabs/hermits/snails are being eaten then it definitly sounds like an octo. Good Luck!
Did you ever figure out what you had? Did the arm appear scaly or smooth?

Mr aqua,
Do you still have the blue ring? Is it in your reef tank?