Yellow slime/ sponge


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Can anyone suggest how to get rid of yellow slime/ sponge growing under rocks. It looked cool at first, but now is growing on live corals. It grew up the base of my frog spawn and started smothering heads. It killed heads on my hammer as well. It's growing on the actual palys themselves. I was able to remove some rock and expose it to the air. After about 15 minutes it started to turn black. Then scrubbed it off in a bucket with tank water. This method is very tedious. Is there any type of tank remedy to kill this type of sponge. A lot of this slime is growing in crevices I can't get at.

Michael Hoaster

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Having sponge to kill sounds like a great opportunity to get a dwarf angelfish, which love sponges. They will spare you the manual removal labor. I don't know your tank size or what other fish you have, so that will be a factor.

Another option is Limpets, which are an unusual type of snail. I assumed that the ones I had were herbivores, but then a large limpet camped out on my largest sponge and ate on it for days, before I removed it.

I'm sure there are many other spongivore options. Google it.