your kidding right?


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This is my first post to this board. I was surprised to find a mantis shrimp board in Reef Central, from what I have read they are pest and should be killed when found.

I have also been told by lfs that they are dangerous and can injure people...why would you want to own one?
they're not a pest if in their own tank with their own rocks etc (species tank)

they're actually NEAT.
Who's kidding? I've had mine for a few weeks now in his own 10g tank with a few rocks, and a recently added blue damsel. To be honest, this shrimp is easily one of the most interesting and intelligent creatures that I've ever kept in 3+ yrs of marine tanks.
"Dangerous" - well, sorta...dangerous to assorted crabs, snails maybe, other shrimps etc...sometimes small fish. That's why I've given him his own tank. "Injuring People" - uhm, I guess some of them possibly could, although at the size mine is at, I don't think it would hurt much if he chose to smack me. For now I feed him with a stick, although I'm pretty close to giving hand-feeding a try at least once to see how intelligent he really is. I may end up getting smacked, but hey, I had a lionfish that I fed by hand too so I guess that tells ya something about me, eh?;)
As for them being pests and should be killed when found, why? Is it their fault their home was ripped out of the ocean so it could be put in your tank? Don't take me the wrong way, I've got live rock too...But, when these things end up in your tank, they only do what comes natural to them in hunting for their food just like any other creature in your tank. Why not make an attempt to get the bugger outta there, give him his own tank (you'd be surprised how you may like him!) or give him to someone that wants him? Heck, your lfs may even take him...maybe;)

No, we are not kidding.

Look at the pictures at the Lurker's Guide and you tell me that these "pests" should be killed when found:

I have two Odontodactylus scyllarus mantis shrimp and they are two of my all-time favorite aquaria pets. I've met dogs that are dumber, that's for sure.
thanks for the links, interestin' buggers aren't they?

i went to an store nearby and ask about it and they said they could get one, didn't name a price though.

any tips on how much they should cost? since they are pests shouldn't the be much cheaper than fishes and stuff?
"since they are pests shouldn't the be much cheaper than fishes and stuff?"

Well, the small 1" to 3" mantis that are hitchhikers on liverock shouldn't cost more than $7 or $8, tops.

Getting a large, colorful Peacock Mantis from your LFS will cost you though. I paid $25 and $28 for my two large Peacock Mantis. Worth every dollar, IMO. It may difficult to get colorful mantis larger than 3 or 4" long. Seems like its more common for smaller Peacock Mantis in the 3-4" range to be available for $15 to $20. Make sure your LFS knows exactly what you want.


Well, my wife has been gracious enough to tell me that, yes, in fact , we do have a mantis in our 12 gal nano: mixed feelings on my end! She said he is really tiny: 1/2" or so.

Can't wait to see him; I have noticed some shrapnel being shoveled out between two rocks, and she saaid he came out of there twice today. Funny thing is, I've heard small taps now & then, but just figured that was the domino tearing after my yellow damsel & zipping past the thermomter, causing it to hit the glass, since that happens quite often. Hey, I'll keep the shrimp if anyone can give me a good method of getting that damn domino out of my %^&*$ tank! Manny the mantis will probably end up in a bucket until I can figure out getting one of the 3-6 acrylics.

Does anyone know if these little guys are affected by copper? I've had my little purple tang in my 10 gal hospital tank for a week now, and there is still some ich meds in there......

Anyway, moviegeek & crew: there is a 6-8" mantis at a LFS in Clifton, NJ that is wild looking: free to a good home!

He's in a head-height tank & the first time I saaw him, he ruched the glass & freaked me out completely. Dark greenish/blue with orange/yellow/red mottled claws.

The place is called Absolutely Fish on route 46 west: 973-365-0200 I don't know if they'll ship him.