YWG and a Pistol Shrimp?


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Ok, I was at one of my LFS and saw this yellow watchman goby and the pistol shrimp in a small tank. They where like two peas in a pod, they worked side by side the entire time I was there watching it.

The next day I went back and purchased the pair and took them home to put in my 90. The next day I saw where the PS had made a tunnel under one of my rocks, but I couldn't find the YWG at all. Two days went by and the same thing.

I got a flash light out to look under the tank to see all the tunnels that the PS has dug, There where lots of them, and all of a sudden I saw this YWG swimming in the tunnel.

The part that bugs me is that he never comes out of the tunnel, How does he eat? get water through his gills? How long will he live like this? I don't even see him sifting through the sand.

Do you think he will be all right? Should I get him out of there?

Anyone else have the same thing going on in your tank?



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I have a pair also, hardly see the PS but the YWG is always on guard in the entrance. I think as long as you feed your tank they will find food. I never see the PS eat, but it is always bulldozing away and building new tunnels!


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YWG are a little skittish at first. He will start showing his face soon. They dont do much sand sifting. I didnt see mine eat anything for a while when I first got him just because he didnt come out much. But do not worry, he will be fine.