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So I'm thinking I want to put a 10 or 20 gallon in the bedroom. Id like this to be a dedicated zoa tank without any fish. Livestock would be zoas n plays and possibly a few sexy shrimp.

What equipment would I need. Consider the fact that I would like low maintenance and low noise. Don't wanna hear a skimmer. Water noise from a hang on back filter would be okay. Nothing. Too loud though.

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Also anyone with a good review for one of the smaller cubes with led

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You can use a canister filter. Or use a TLF 150 for a canister filter like I did. With the inlet and outlet of the canister under water its as silent as your going to find.


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That small of a tank with no fish, you could get away with no mechanical filter of any kind. Just quality live rock, good flow with some power heads and regular water changes and you'd be good. If you put shrimp in, just spot feed them a few times a week.


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I have a 3g pico with a hob filter and some cheato. Only one sexy shrimp so far, but only due to cost and availability. The hob holds the cheato and I put a light on top. There's a heater next to the hob and viola! I am having trouble keeping it dirty, lol. I drop in a pellet or 3 every day I'm at work for the shrimp whether he wants them or not, and the copepods keep the glass clean.