Zoanthid question

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It may come as a shock, but I’ve only ever purchased one frag of zoanthids, and that was in my previous tank. I was always worried about them encroaching on other coral, or ruining a stocked aquarium by way of chemical warfare. Having said that, I think they’re great for filling in the gaps …not to mention the fact that some of them are quite beautiful. Is there any justification for my worry?
I've always liked them as fill. I also like the grands. Much larger in size and different in colors. You don't see then much anymore though.
My Zoas (Caribbean sp.) and the Porites that came on my KP rock seem to coexist peacefully. Honestly, in over 30 years in the hobby and at least 10 different reef tanks, I’ve only had Zoas a handful of times.
I don't think there would be any chemical warfare but I think they might sting some sps's if they get to close to them. Grands are nice but they can grow out of control. Zoa's are my favorite coral.


@kharmaguru that’s awesome, looks great.

@T Diddy here’s a pic of Porites and Zoas. Also a pic of Zoas and Favia, looks like the Favia is winning😉


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Thanks everyone…again this is my now or never tank, so I’m gonna plan on adding some zoanthid varieties. I might even pull out all the stops and sprinkle in some pulsing xenia 🤣
When (IF) I ever get around to upgrading, my plan is an area on the left back with deep sand for the LTA. The middle back will have Zoas and Rics. Right back will be Acro dominated with some other SPS. And open area somewhere mid (front to back) will have Goegonians.