Zoanthids question ???


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Hi, this is what happened to my zoanthids, i bought couple frags from my LFS, but only one get this stuff. Anyone know what is it ?
here some pics:



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grape caulerpa......Google it....Just try and pick it out

Agreed, although I never had any luck getting totally rid of it. Naso tangs love the stuff.

If it were me, I would take it back. At least get the rock out of the tank before it starts spreading.


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Look up peroxide dip. Its the best way to remove algae from zoas.


Be careful on using too strong of a solution or leaving the coral in the solution for too long as it can do more damage then harm, good luck.

1:10 ratio of hydrogen peroxide to fresh saltwater for at most 5min is a good starting point


"ship it"
Unless you absolutely love the zoas I would get rid of them. You dont want that stuff to spread its pretty tough to get rid of. But if u really want to keep them go with the hydrogen peroxide method described above.