Zoos infected ??


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i bought a rock with 2 diff zoo colonies on it... the one colony opned up soo after being placed in the tank and have looked really nice.. but the colony right next to it opened up once and closed and has been closed for weeks since we got it..

thought maybe something was bothering it but didnt understand why the others were not closing... my husband said they were probably fine because they didnt seem to die away.,

anyway i started getting really concerned.. so yesterday i had him move the rock into my 24 nano ... the "good" zoos on the rock opened right away but the others still did not...
so this morning i was able to get a better look at the colony since it is right next to the glass in the nano...

what i saw what that the closed zoos have what looks like pertruding "bellies"... half way down the closed zoo it pertrudes like it is full of liquid or something.. and half of them look like they exploded from that same area ...

2 days ago while i was looking at the tank i saw what looked like blue/green liquid in the water that dissipated.. i could not think what it could have been until i saw what was going on with these zoos... i saw this green/blue liquid right above the zoos maybe a few inches from them.. just didnt put the 2 together.

is this a infection or what ... i have no idea... i have a bunch of ther zoos in the tank and have never had a problem like this... and like i said there are other zoos on the same rock and they are fine.. its just this cluster.


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my curious 2 yr old dropped the digital camera but i will try to use my video camera when i get home tonight but if anyone has any suggestions without a picture pls throw them out.

if anyone has any website for zoa diseases pls let me know .. i cant really find any.


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Right now from what I know, besides FUNGUS and zoa pox.. these are the 2 main culprits in zoa death besides zoa predators.


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Hello David and Liz. You'll see that it was also labeled as unusual. In 17 years of reefing and owning hundreds of different polyps in that 17 years, I have never once seen the bloated stem that you have reference nor do I know of a single person in this country that has actual seen or heard of this. I don't know of a single zoanthid expert who can tell you for sure what it is. I know some people who have lots of knowledge of zoas and palys and maybe a theory as I do, but I don't think anyone can say for sure what makes it bloat. This is a very rare occurrence in my opinion. Each polyps has a gastrovascular tract/cavity which aids the polyp as it feeds. It could be something it ingested, it could a pocket of water in this cavity which is causing it to bloat. That is my most likely guess since they do exchange water internally.

I say just watch and photograph it. In my opinion I would honestly just leave it. If it were in my tank, I would experiment with something to hopefully resolve the bloating, but I would never advise it publicly. Bottom line, I would worry about it just now.

Hope I didn't come off harsh, I certainly wasn't trying to David and Liz.

Best of luck to you.

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no prob.. i actually just got home... barely poked it and it really a bunch of white liquid and the zoos just broke off.. i freaked out and took the rock out to the trash. it was moved to my nano and i didnt want it to kill everything kinda upset there were some nice ones that seemed fine but oh well.. there goes 50 bucks. but hopefull whatever it released .. probably toxins dont kill everything in my tank... i dont have any water to do a water change tonight.. darn darn darn

oh and its liz.. nice to meet ya