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I have a tank I need to get rid of.

I plan on being brutally honest about the condition. I do not want anybody to take this tank without full knowledge of what they are getting into.

Tank is 125g glass tank that has been my main tank and area for experimentation for the last four years. I got the tank extremely used. I was told the previous owner had bought it four or five years before I did from somebody else. This tank looks to have been floating around Colorado for ten to fifteen years (or more). When I bought it I had visions of building a stand and canopy, and making everything look nice. When I looked at it in the seller’s home a lot of the flaws were obscured and hidden so that I could not realize exactly what I was getting. Needless to say, the stand and canopy went to the wayside because they would only make the tank itself look worse.

Here are the things I see wrong with the tank. To start, two sides of the glass are badly scratched. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that the back glass is etched. When I picked up the tank and we were pulling rock out of it I noticed this a bit and was told that the previous owner’s wife had taken a green scrubbie to it to remove algae, and that it was a bit scratched. I am unsure how any person could damage it this much by hand, it looks like it was sandblasted. It was behind the rock and covered in coralline, so I thought it would be ok until I cleaned it at home.

Beside the etched back glass and heavily scratch side glass, there are a few heavy scratches elsewhere in the tank. Pretty much what you would expect for an older tank. There are chips taken out of at least a couple of the corners. I would guess this tank has had a rough time of it in several pickup beds. The black plastic trim around the top and bottom is chipped and cracked. The plastic around the top that would normally hold up covers is broken and missing sections. When I resealed it I considered leaving it off, but felt removing even that little amount of bracing could have a negative impact. I am glad I left it on there, otherwise I would not have had the sharp corners to catch my arms on when I was doing things in the tank.

Since it is an older tank, the term reef-ready does not apply. Instead I have a large CPR external overflow that comes with the tank. This overflow will require a lifter pump to work, and I will include the one I have, but I cannot say how much life it has in it. They are getting hard to find, so if you keep the overflow I would order some spares. The overflow lead to an older Amiracle sump. The sump is in no better shape than the tank, but it does hold water. The media tray is there, but chipped pretty badly, and the lid for the outflow area is long gone. There is an extra hole in it being plugged by part of an old float valve. Supposedly this was part of an auto-topoff system that never really worked correctly.

The stand is home-made, and the top is around thirty-six inches, which raise the tank to a nice viewing height, but adds a degree of difficulty to cleaning and maintenance. It is beat-up, water damaged and just plain ugly. It is completely open, with the thought that nice looking panels would be attached to the outside making it functional and good to look at. That never happened. It is all built out of generic Home Depot lumber, so if somebody wants the tank and not the stand it is just going to the dump. The hood was once a factory made oak hood. It has had holes cut in the ends for fans (which I removed since they were disgusting and not very helpful). It is sprinkled with small holes along the top where various ballasts have been mounted.

So what I have is a scratched tank, beat-up stand, abused hood and sump, plus the drain/return lines (just the PVC, no pump). I need this gone, so if anybody can use it, please come get it. I can find no way to even think about charging for it, so it is free to anybody.

The lighting is not included, but will be available separately.

If you want it, you will need a big truck and some help. I can help load it up, but I will have my association with this tank end at my front door. It is heavy (tank is over 300 pounds) so a couple of friend would not be out of line. I have clean the tank out, but in the process of cleaning up the overflow and plumbing I stopped. I figured for a free tank, somebody else could do the hard scrubbing.

Let me know if you are interested. If I can get this out this weekend, my wife would be very happy. If I cannot move the lighting with the tank, I will post the ballasts separately later.



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I can't believe nobody has taken this to use as a basement sump QT Tank, refuge, LR cure tank or whatever.

Someone want to bring it to me here in Washington? :)


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Promised on the MASC site.

A big part of the push for it to go soon is my wife was afraid it would take up residence in our garage.

I have tanks in the basement she wants me to dig out and get rid of as well. I am trying to figure out how I got them all, but I keep coming up blank.