150 MH or 250 MH?????


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have an Oceanic 44 Gal corner tank. It measures 23” high, and 23” from the front to the back corner, 31” across at it widest point. I included a link of a tank that looks similar. I am getting ready to upgrade my lighting and will make a purchase this coming Wednesday. I am looking at a couple of fixtures but am still not 100% sure what to get.
- Sunpod 20” 1x250 watt MH 14,000k
- Sunpod 20” 1x150 watt MH 14,000k

I like the Sunpod fixtures as they have timers and moons. Can you guys give me input as to what would be sufficient? I have a nem and would like to get into coral. Thanks for all your help.


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I don't know about the temp. It depends on what you want to keep. I have a 250 on a 40g breeder and it swings about 3 degrees. And that is with it 12 inches of the surface. The light I'm using is also cooled. Plus I have a fan blowing across and up the back of the tank. But with 23" deep the 250 is definitely better.