150 saltwater tank ???


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I have a few questions.

4ft L 3 H 2 w
What about eel ?
wrasse which one ??
I need some feedback on what fish would be ok with a trigger n which one and can i have 2 of them or just 1????
any trigger should be fine in there for a while, as for what would be ok with the trigger is hit and miss. My niger trigger loves tangs and tries his hardest to be friends with them, everything else is oply so much food swimming in the tank. I am also partial to the snowflake eels, just make sure the top is secure as they are escape artists.
Get a zebra eel, they tend to stay in the water alot better than SFE...

With triggers, i reccomend a lunar wrasse. its large active and can stand up for itself
Oh and I was told a Pink tail trigger would fit nice in my 150. They are supposed to be less agressive, than others. But I think you never know till the massacre is over.:eek:
for a 150 i would recommend a humu trigger or maybe a rectangular or bursa. the triggers of the rhinecanthus family are awesome, and very active, and grow to only about 10". with them a great tankmate would be a harlequin tusk wrasse. they are very colorful and unique. as stated above a zebra would be a good choice. you could go with an emperor angel probably in that size tank, but a regal may be a better choice since they do not get as large. a puffer would be a good addition too, maybe a dogface.
I agree. A humu would look great in that tank with a tusk. And a zebra would be great to I used to have one, it shrimp like a mad dog.
Zebras get on the big side and seeing that your tank is only 4 ft long it might get a bit cramped down the road.
In my 150 i have; 1 10 inch snowflake
1 5 inch yellow tang
1 3 inch huma huma trigger
1 5 inch panther grouper
1 5 inch green bird wrasse
1 5 inch volitan lionfish
1 4 inch hifin snapper
1 3 inch blue velvet damel
1 2 inch domino damsel
1 4 inch porcupine puffer
1 3inch spotted goatfish
2 tiny hermits(come out at night)
they all get along fairly well though volitan gets nip here and there, i put them in building up my tank in order of least aggressive to most aggressive, i have a heavy fish load but will eventually get rid of hifin and grouper possibly porcupine when they get extremely large to cut down on my fish load, I have a 225 gallon wet dry and also a big hang on canister filter with addtional biological matrix stones, I have a 250 gallon skimmer in my sump and a uv sterilizer and a really good hydor heater, i also have 2 air pumps with air stiones on bopth end of my tank for additional water movement airation, I am thinking of getting a reverse osmosis unit to cut down on phosphates and other polltutants from tap to cut down on brown,black, red sludge algea as i wish to cultivate nice green algea colony for yellow tang, and even growe some in my sump which i have heard of, i lost a majetsic angel who was doing great but think got impaled by my lionfish, for some reason my lion didnt like here and was chasing her with his venomous spine, i found here decaying body under some live rock a few days later :(also and building a self made back up power system, as now only have back up airation unti.i am also considering foing some live plants and reading up on it and somew advanced lighting , so i hoept his helps you 150 is a good size to start as i went from a 29 (now a quarartine tank str8 to 150!!!!
scratch the regal they are very difficult to keep. a majestic would be ok. I wouldn't mix a volitan and dwarf, after a while the volitan might get aggresive towards the dwarf.
My 150

1 valentini puffer (dwarf puffer)
1 tomato clown
1 mean damsel (tough little sucker)
1 lonely green chromis (looking for 5 more)
1 Bicolor angel (dwarf)
1 yellow eye cole tang
1 blue hippo tang
1 large French angel (sweet as pie)

happy tank not overloaded no real meanies except for that Damn Damsel, but he gets beat down by most after some taunting.

I worry about aggression so I left out things I wanted
snowflake eel
They are lovely but they frighten me.
Yeah, I knew the regal was touchy, just throwin out suggestions. HOw about this stock list:
French or majestic angel
humu trigger
volitan lion
yellow tang
If you really have your heart set on a trigger, I would urge you to consider at least a 6 foot long tank. Most triggers are really active swimmers and this gives them a little more room to move in a straight line. I also have the return from my sump (mag 9) angled out of my overflow creating an endless swimming pool effect ( a trigger treadmill if you will) and my triggers love it.