150g Needs Good Home!


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Beautiful 150 Gallon Reef needs a good home
Moving and must sale
150 gallon custom tank with combing and built-in weir (overflow kit and all bulkhead fittings/hoses incl.) 24x60x24
39 gallon all-glass sump (wet/dry)
Beautiful custom oak cabinet - finished front and back - 6' tall with aquarium and canopy
Matching canopy with enclosed lighting fixtures (see below) and Ice Cap temperature controlled fans
3 - 250watt metal halide fixtures (mogul base) with bulbs, ballasts and transformers (Hamilton)
4 - 55watt compact fluorescent fixtures (straight pin) with bulbs, ballasts and transformers (Hamilton)
3 - Moon-lite fixtures
Kent Nautilis TE in-sump Protein Skimmer
Mag 12 pump
Mag 5 pump
Kent Maxxima RO/DI unit (24 gpd) with flush kit, check valve, and flow restrictor

* At least 175 lbs live rock (mostly Kaelini)
Extra lg cup coral, Extra lg. colt coral, Large Red Brain coral, Various mushroom corals (3-4 varieties), lots of hairy mushrooms, Pumping zinnia, a few clove coral polyps, many snails, crabs, tube worms, sponges and probably more?
Black Sailfin Bleeny, Peacock Wrasse, Clown fish, 2 skunk clowns, purple firefish, blue chromis
Originally set up in March '03
Don't really want to piece it out due to time restrictions(and work)
Asking $3500.


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How much does this thing weigh?
I dont know if my floor would even support something this large.
What part of BHM are you in?
You have any pics???


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I have no idea how much it weighs. Probably around 1800 #s The tank is pretty heavy alone. But, my floor holds it without anything extra supporting it. I have pics but couldn't upload them because they were too big. Email me and I'll send them to you. Lonnie613@aol.com I live just outside of Bessemer.


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Hey lonnie613, you said you were ready to part this out. If you would, list off what you expect to get for the individual pieces. I am definately interested in some stuff so can't wait to hear back.

Also if you have pictures that would help alot also :)


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Sorry Larry, not trying to be evasive, just never tried to do this before and I'm a bit overwhelmed! I'm asking $4/lb for the rock but the problem is all the coral is really grown in and there are some big pieces of rock. I'd like to sell all the live stuff for $1000 sand and all if possible. Then we'll deal with the other stuff. Thanks for your interest. L