2 lionfish with bamboo/ cat shark


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my question didnt get answered

in a 150 gal tank, will a baby bamboo/cat shark be okay with the lionfish? (as in the lions wont sting the shark or attack it right?)


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I would say no because once the shark gets larger, the tank will not be big enough let alone having a poisonous lionfish in there.


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I was told that a a lion in with a shark would be ok. Reason i was told yes because the shark would stay away from the lion and the lion has to feel as if it is in danger to poison the shark if it does bump into it...This is what i was told, so it might help u and it might not but im sure it will start a debate....good luck!!! :)


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MY first reply is based on a lion fish living with a shark NOT based on the tank size. U will need to get atleast a 180 for ur shark...GOOD LUCK !!!


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Sharks are very clumsey. I would never risk it. The shark could very eaisly bump into the lion and be done. That tank is also on the small side for a full grown shark.


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Although a friend has a lion in with his shark . I ,MYSELF would not risk it sharks are very clumsy and at feeding time they can become a bit aggressive and might bump in to the lion .

Lions are always poisonus not just when frightened.

On a side note your 150 is I'm guessing about 60x24x25 ? You really want to consider a tank upgrade before getting a shark .