2 Skimmers and more drygoods for sale.


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Hey everyone, im selling some extra drygoods that are laying around because i need money because i'm getting back into paintball.

EVERTHING IS OBO (Or Best Offer). So dont be afraid to ask.

Only trades im looking for are Paintball stuff. post what you would want to trade...

Rest assure, everything will be cleaned before pick ups.

1. Top Fathom TF 100A protein skimmer. This thing looks like it can do some heavy skimming, but i'm using a different skimmer for my 125 and dont need this one

70 bucks OBO


2. Skimmer for a 50-60 gallon tank. Used this thing for about 2 years now and still works decently, diamond in the rough. $30 OBO


3. This reflector came as an extra on a local used drygoods purchase. Reflector was a spider reflector before the guy cut and bent it. Anyways, the socket works perfectly fine and would be perfect for a tight space.

$30 OBO


4. LNIB (Like new in box) SQWD. never been hooked up to a tank, just ran water through it and decided to go a different route. Still comes with instructions ect.

$30 OBO




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Is that Miller Chill stuff in the pic any good? It looks like I'd get sick of it after 1 --- I'm itchin' to try it though!



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LoL Lady, yeah, it's actually not bad and im drinking one as i type lol. Reminds me of corana with a lime. I'm pretty picky about my beer, i normally like corona or Bud Select. I hate bud light, but this stuff is Def worth trying.