20 gallon setup for sale (arvada) $200


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Neighbor across the street is getting out.

Live Stock

clown fish-10 bucks

Bi Color Blenny- 10 bucks

Frog spawn- 20 bucks

Large Tan Leather-$10 no pics at this time

Standard 20 gallon tank "“ Best Offer

150W MH with 2x60W PC-$100
has lunar light but are not working


1 Korilla Nano-$5

Sump ~ 10 gallons -$30

CPR over flow (it is their lowest GPH)-$15

Mag3 Return pump "“ $10

100W heater (plastic) "“ free

Rod Iron Stand- Free

Coralife 1x28W sump light "“ $10

Mag Float "“ free

Carbon Filter Over flow- Free

If you would like the whole set up with lights and all you can take it for 200

Any other questions let me know

Call Nick at 720 three seven 1 zero 61 five

Or email at Nick.l.buchanan at gmail.com