50g short drilling questions


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Hey guys!

Im purchasing a 50g short tank from Miracles Aquariums the measurements of the tank will be 36"x18"x19". I am going to have them drill the tank for me, so my question is what size holes should i have drilled and also how many 1 for the overflow and 1 or 2 for the return? and also where should I have them drill the holes? Any advice would be appreciated.



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Hmmmm, they should know what size holes to drill for the bulkheads you choose. For a drain line through the bottom using 1" PVC figure about 1000 gph reduce that by at least a third if the bulkhead is on the back at the waterline. For that size tan I would think just one hole for the drain is sufficiant but it depends on how much water you're return pump(s) is pushing.

As far as location that's personal prefference. I kike to look at the location the tank is going to be sitting, figure a rough layout for aquascaping then base the location of the overflow on where it going to be best hidden.