6261 pump problems


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I purchased a Used 6261 and powersupply. i was told the controller was bad, but thats not a problem, because i was going to use my controller to control it.
I got it home (purchased it in a different town while traveling) and plugged it in without the controller (thinking it should at least run full speed to check and make sure all is fine before hooking to a controller)
nothing happened. so... i called a buddy to lend me his powersupply from a tunze, and still nothing, so i am thinking that the pump is bad....
the impeller is loose and spins fine. (not swollen or hard to turn)

Do you have replacement pumps for this, or would it have to be upgraded to the newer style?

Any information would help.
the manufacture date on the pump is (1 4 7)
the wave box was broke, so i was going to need to order a new one. so, depending on the news, and options, i would be interested in some parts as well.



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It is likely the pump and that motor is no longer made, there is an upgrade kit with the part number of the motor - 6261.015, it is a new 6215 pump and the sponge and orings required to retrofit it in an older wavebox.