7094 Controller to 7240.26 driver cable length is too short


In Memoriam
Hi Roger,

You stated a while back:

The pumps have long cords 5 m or about 16ft. The controller has short cords to the drivers- about 1.5M or 6ft. You will need kit 3000.26 for each pump.

But my cables are only about 3 ft. Did I get the wrong length cables? Can I buy long ones? How long can I go here?

Thanks in advance,

The cables to the multicontroller from the driver are about 3 ft. Ideally all these components are kept close together and dry- nowhere near a sump or where water could run onto them. You could try longer din cables- we do not offer them and I am not sure how they will work. The cables from the pumps to the drivers are plenty long so I would just position these near your multicontroller.
Thanks for the prompt reply Roger..

I'm still playing with these guys. I love all the options the controller has and the power these pumps offer.

All the equipment (driver, transformer, controller) will be mounted outside the stand. Ideally (driver and tranformer) behind the stand and controller on the side of the stand. Hence my need for a longer cable since it is a 6 ft tank.

I will see if I could find something longer or I would just work something around it.

Thanks again,