7240.26 driver


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alarm started on one of my 7400 pumps, disconnected din pin from controller and alarm was still emitting, disconnected transformer, and alarm stopped.
connected another 7400 to the above driver, and same exact senario took place.
connected another 7400 with a different transformer to the above driver, and same exact senario took place.
seems something is wrong with this driver.
please advise.
thanks archie april
Usually the alarm means the pumps are dirty or have a calcium build up making them harder to start. If the driver can't start the pump within a few seconds it sounds an alarm and shuts down power to the pump. I honestly can't think of a scenario where an alarm means the driver is broken.
This would be normal. If the pump is not recieving power the power is routed to the alarm. Please check that the pump is clean. Pay particular attention to the lower bushing- it should be free of the magnet. If it still is causing trouble send it to me with the pump and I will repair it.
found the culpirt, one of my 7400's was partially seized, been soaking in white vinegar for about 24 hours, still unable to remove the drive unit.
any suggestions would be appreciated.
btw, i have had this pump for apprx. 9mths, first time i have had problems with any of the 6 pumps.
thanks archie
Let it soak- if you can't get it send it to me moist in a bag and I will extract it. DO NOT MOVE TO A STRONGER ACID. Anything with a pH below 5 can change the plastics chemistry and make it swell. It is then very difficult to remove the magnet. Let it soak, try to spin it and when you get it to spin pull up.