75g reef ready setup(currently freshwater)


zoa collector :)
I have a 75g reef ready setup for sale. I have it currently setup as freshwater but it can easily go back saltwater.



Corner overflow

Comes with:
1300 gph powerhead(not a koralia but an off brand I put koralia magnets on)
20h sump(currently setup as a trickle filter with bioballs.

Canopy(not a full canopy,just sits down over the rim of the tank) can access glass while its on.

Stand(has eagles on the doors)

Glass tops

100 w titanium heater with controller

Return pump

Seachem prime water conditioner

****doesn't have a light**** I have koi in it right now and they could care less about light...lol!

This is a very nice setup!

I would keep it but I'm going to use the $ to fund my cube build

Also has 60lbs of tahitian moon sand in it. I paid $60 for just the sand.

Also included is a sweet dragon statue,2 reasin animal skulls,and a glow in the dark resin human skull.

Text 740-405-3630 for pics.

Asking $260 for the setup, or $200 for everything minus the sand,heater and statues.
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zoa collector :)
Will also trade for any combo of the following:

Black reef safe sand
Live rock(looking for branchy pieces)
Pink gsp(if this exists..lol)
Prism favia
Any pink corals :)