75gal to 150gal- need update help


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Started w/75gal tank years ago, went on vacation lost everything. Now upgrading to a 150gal. Want to make a LPS and SPS tank, maybe a few fish.

*2 250watt MH- On 7am-4pm
*4- 65watt compacts- On 7am-7pm
* Moonlights- On from 8pm-12midnight

*half crushed coral half sand-3inches thick- was going to change to all sand but stopped.

*Aquametic 1000

*Aquaclear 150

Wavemaster pro with 4 powerheads

Tank is fully cycled, 35 gal sump, ets 600 skimmer magdrive 9.5 and a knop calcium reactor. Water return is a magdrive 18.

1. Can I stick with the wavemaster or is there something else I should use as an upgrade? Perhaps DIY suggestion.
2. Waterflow suggestions?
3. Going to use the same lighting for the 150 as I used on the 75 is this sufficent?
4. Suggestions on SPS corals to start with?
5. Should I go with a refugium?

I do have an RO unit that I just hooked up.


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i can try to answer your questions the best i can! is the 150 the 6 foot model?

you could stick with the wavemaster and see what it does then possibly upgrade in the future.

the lighting is more than enough for lps! i have a 6' 150 with only 2 x175 watt halides and it does the trick as long as i keep the corals that depend more on light toward the top of the rockwork.

you could start with some birdsnest, green slimer, montipora you should have no problem keeping up with those as long as you keep your parameters in check

Good luck and if you need anything else feel free to pm me!