8 arms but can't push a broom....


So hermits and snails are pretty damn tasty...

other than just using them as sacrificial custodians - what do you folks do to keep the tanks tidey since a normal cleanup crew = brunch. Magilla Gorilla's tank is starting to get some hair algae and other growths because the hermits and snails are just a pile of shells in front oh his lair.

Anyone have success with things like Lettuce nudi's?
I've got 3 snails that I got from Florida that were in my reef tank until they decided to eat my clam. :uzi:

Once I figured out they were eating, and killed, my clam they went on to meet my Octo. They had also killed some of my other snails. He ate the first one, but hasn't touched the other two.

Right now they are sifting the sand. Not sure what kind of speicies they are but if you're really interested I could take a pic.

Lettuce nudis would be cool to try. I have kept them in the MRT but not the octo tank. As long as the correct algae is there they live or a while and are way cool to watch. They were kind of a pain in the but in the MRTs over flow. I am not sure if a bimac would find them tastey or not.
I use serpent stars and sand sifting cukes. I have the original cucumber I bought at inland for my first octo tank, he is still tickin lol. He is a great little cleaner. I call him mr hanky.
I did try a pink filter feeding cuke but my last bimac ripped him off the glass out of curiosity and killed him. The cool thing about mr hanky is I can toss him in a mantis or ceph tank and he gets along with every body. When the octo gets bigger little blue leggs will be to small to fuss with.
I've had good luck with Atlantic sea hares, also called sea slugs. Most are vegetarian and give off a noxious ink that octopods find distasteful (two can play at that game**grin**)