80 gallon rimless stocking


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the tank is a 80 gallon rimless 48-24-16h starphire, would you please look at my list and share advice.

Pair gold stripe maroons or pair black and white ocellaris
Pair green manderins
small group anthias (the minimum grouping 1 male 3 females)
Group of chromis
leopard, radiant, mystery wrasse (one or two of the three)
flame angel (I know dangerous with corals)

Please give advice, I am well aware of needing large population of pods, and the need of having a mature consistent environment. Also will no be worried about jumpers. Tank will be very open with minimal rock inside display.



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That is perfectly acceptable cheeze head, thanks for the advice. Also in regards to the concern of the manderins, i have a 20g refugium and it will be intially stock with pods i will also be moving small holey rock from fuge to display to keep it stocked as well as work on getting them to eat preped food.

Any other concerns?


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Do you have the tank set up yet? I was thinking of getting that same tank. I was going to keep a pair of bangaii cardinals, an ocellaris clown and a pair of blue jaw triggers (small ones of course) I want to see what it looks like all set up.

I am concerned about the rimless though... I don't want any jumpers... so I am debating rimless of regular with a mesh top.


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when I ordered it they told me it would be 1/2" but when I recieved it, only the bottom pane was 1/2" the rest was 3/8". Other than that all good.

When I am not at home I am going to place the white plastic mesh board over the top.


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i would not put any expensive wrasses in a rimless tank.
i had my mystery wrasse for 2 years and it one day jumped out.
my tank is eurobraced.
it's really sad to have an expensive fish, or a fish that you've grown attached to jump.