90g RR begins! Help me pick out skimmer!


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Ok so im upgrading tanks to a 90g RR

I will be keeping sps and lps with a bunch of fish

so i will be in need of a skimmer

Whats everyones vote on what i should buy for a skimmer..

I will want to spend 200 give or tank

Ive been hearin about octopus skimmers lately..
I always here good about asm
tunze .....

please anyone with any experience with this size tank and skimmers please help me out!

thanc alot


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ASM will do the job but I dont think you will get a G3 for 200. Might have to look at the Octopus line.


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can you save up a bit and go for $350 or so? I'd pick up at least an ASM G3, then do a recirculation mod on it. That would be great.


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soo is an asm pretty much a plug and play type of system..

i dont know much about skimmers soo iwanna just get one that i can gie it a vinegar bath then plug it in let it break in the watch it skimmer


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reeftanksupply.com Pacific Coast PS3000 same dimensions (basically) as G-3 and $30.00 cheaper. I've had a PC for a few months and the quality is better than ASM. If you see them side by side the difference is very clear.


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ive never hear of the PC PS3000.. can anyone tell me any more about them

also ya ive thought about css 125... are they loud.. are they pretty much plug and play?


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You could probably pick up a ASM G3 for $200 or so in the selling forums here. For the money, this is probably one of the better skimmers until you get up to the Euro-reefs, Deltecs and Bubble Kings.