A question about RO water for fish only


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I live on a well and had a company do a detailed test on my water. The only two components that had any readings at all were a slight amount of iron and calcium. The PH was 6.7 and the hardness(i forget the number) but was kinda low on the scale. There was no phosphates or ammonia detectable.

My question is do you need RO water for a fish only system? The fish will be a Trigger so I know they are pretty hardy as is. I doubt the calcium at its low level would be any problem at all but what about alittle iron? On their scale it says that if the iron reads .0050 you need a whole house filter(I think thats their angle to sell me one) and my reading was only .0015.

I currently have a small fresh water tank of tetras, a cory cat, and a Beta and they are fine with the water right from the tap.

You didn't post size or expense of your future tank? I'm with Blaze, if you don't mind alage and trouble with your water quality. Than go for it... However I would invest in a good RO/DI. The best money you'll ever spend in the long run...

Reefkeeping is like a giant hole you throw your money into... I love it.
Hmm.. Thanks for the info. I will post the complete analysis. My mian problem is with water storage for a RO/DI. With my home being completely finshed and in the basement (where my tank will be located) there is only 2 water sources, the bathroom and the bar. I could use the bar to fill the tank, and I could set a rubbermaid next to the tank to fill/mix salt the night before a water change. But, I do not have anyplace to put up with the time of an RO type of unit. I don't even have a closet in the basement to use since they are all cedar lined and such. I allready have the RO unit (I need to purchase a new one of the membrane sections for sure) so buying the filter is not the concern.

I was thinking of using a standard lighting set up for the fish only tank to try and limit algae as much as possible. I was going to set up a ref with some macros. At worst I could try and figure something out if it doesn't work since I allready have a unit

I serioulsy doubt my well water will harm the trigger and though I do take all your advice seriously but I was hopeing that someone out there had some success wtih the RO/DI water.
I already have the tank. 300 gallon with about a 150 gallon sump. I was originaly going to set up a cichlid tank but now leaning towards a nice large trigger of some sort. I have one of those fireplug heaters that is more then rated for the tank. The only item I need to buy is a larger skimmer then what I had in the past.

The tank will also be very open. I like the sterile open water look to the rocks piled to the surface approach.